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保持冷靜,繼續旅行。圖片來源:Getty Images



A known and unavoidable truth about traveling is that it can be stressful. But the things that stress us out can be managed—and sometimes even avoided—with careful planning...and a few tricks.

Here is a roundup of the best tips and hacks from the editorial staff of Fortune. Not only might some of these suggestions make your holiday travel a little merrier and bright, but they could also inspire some resolutions for better travel in 2020.

舒適旅行并不意味著一定要犧牲時尚。圖片來源:GETTY IMAGES

打包衣服時,搭配好顏色,比如黑色和白色,或藍色和棕褐色。這樣你不會陷入選擇困難,而且還節省行李箱空間?!?em>柳仕魯(Andrew Nusca),數字編輯

送給你五個字:美利奴羊毛。美利奴羊毛制成的衣物適合各種天氣,穿著不會發癢,而且好幾周都不臟??胺Q完美的旅行裝備?!?em>羅伯特·哈克特(Robert Hackett),資深記者

我有一套標準的旅行裝,包括舒適的鞋子、舒適的牛仔褲、柔軟的襯衫,還有超柔軟的化纖運動衫。當我踏上漫漫旅途,沒有什么比舒適和穩定更讓人安心的了?!?em>賴新基(Adam Lashinsky),執行主編

When packing clothing, choose a color scheme and stick to it—e.g. black and white, or blue and tan. You'll need fewer options if all of your items go together, leaving you with more room in your luggage. —Andrew Nusca, digital editor

Two words: merino wool. This fabric works in any weather, doesn’t itch, and proves miraculously soil-resistant for weeks on end. Perfect travel wear. —Robert Hackett, senior writer

I have a standard travel outfit that consists of comfortable shoes, comfortable jeans, a soft shirt, and the same supersoft synthetic-fiber exercise shirt. Somehow the combination of comfort and consistency soothes me when I embark on long journeys. —Adam Lashinsky, executive editor

現在登機牌已經不可能弄丟了。圖片來源:GETTY IMAGES

如果習慣用手機上的登機牌,記得截圖保存,不要總靠應用。說不準道什么時候就沒網絡服務。如果電池快沒電,還要拼命連接LTE或無線網,電量只會掉得更快?!?em>瑞秋·金(Rachel King),編輯

多拍照,但不只是風景!行李標簽、費用收據、衣帽間存衣單據和代客泊車單都要拍下來,防止找不到,也能減輕心理壓力。行李箱底部也不用再塞一堆亂七八糟的雜物?!?em>克萊爾·齊爾曼(Claire Zillman),高級編輯


長途飛行和穿越時區時,算時間真的很費腦。與其總得算現在幾點,不妨根據飛行時間在手機或智能手表上設置計時器,然后安心坐下看還有多久能到目的地?!?em>約翰·帕特里克·普倫(John Patrck Pullen),科技編輯


If you're relying on a mobile boarding pass, take a screenshot—don't always rely on the app itself. You never know when you might not have service, and if your battery is running low, trying to connect to LTE or Wi-Fi is only going to drain your phone faster. —Rachel King, editor

Take photos—but not just of scenery! Snapshots of luggage tags, receipts to expense, coat check claims, and valet slips will guard against misplaced paperwork and save you stress. Plus, it’ll shrink that pile of crumbled who-knows-what at the bottom of your suitcase. —Claire Zillman, senior editor

Always carry an external battery with loads of charge capacity. If your phone is like mine, it will die after 10 minutes of Twitter. Lord knows you’ll be stuck on the tarmac far longer. —Robert Hackett, senior writer

When flying long distances and across time zones, the math can wreck your brain. Instead of trying to figure out what time it is—or should be—simply set a timer on your phone or smartwatch for the length of your flight duration, sit back, and enjoy the countdown to your destination. —John Patrick Pullen, tech editor

I have another ritual. As the plane takes off, I reset my Timex Iron Man watch to the local time of where I’m flying. I have no idea if this will work for others, but I have found that it helps the plane take off and land safely every single time. —Adam Lashinsky, executive editor

在黑色行李箱的海洋里,亮色行李箱找起來更容易。圖片來源:GETTY IMAGES


人們看到小褶皺總是煩躁無比,其實用小噴壺就能簡單處理。在起皺的衣物上噴一噴再甩甩,再掛上一夜就可以??掌孔涌梢粤粼谛欣钕淅??!?em>麥亦蓮(Ellen McGirt),高級編輯

隨身行李里放個空水壺。通過安檢就能在飲水機,或者找附近的餐館裝上水。一方面能省錢,登機前再裝滿水也能防止在長途航班上口渴。尤其是等機艙服務飲料小推車的時候?!?em>塔瑪拉·艾爾-韋利(Tamara El-Waylly),評論編輯



For your own safety, avoid connecting to unprotected, public Wi-Fi. If you feel you must, at least use a VPN, which helps protect your Internet traffic. —Robert Hackett, senior writer

People swear by their mini-steamers, but a spritz bottle with water often works just fine. Just spray your wrinkly knits, give them a shake and let them hang out overnight. Keep your empty bottle in your suitcase.—Ellen McGirt, senior editor

Bring an empty water bottle in your carry-on luggage. Once you’re past security, you can fill it at a water fountain or ask a nearby restaurant. Not only will it save you money at the airport, but fill it up again before boarding, and it'll help you stay hydrated on long flights (especially during those wait periods for the drink carts during cabin service). —Tamara El-Waylly, commentary editor

Must-pack: Wet Wipes. The cheap carry-on staple absolves a number of travel sins: disgusting tray tables, understocked public loos, and your own post-long-haul grime. They also don’t count against your liquid quota (unlike hand sanitizer, for instance), which is key. Never leave home without ’em. —Claire Zillman, senior editor

For lint free spot cleaning, bring a dark or black washcloth with you. The white ones that hotels provide will make your dark clothing look like a hot mess.—Ellen McGirt, senior editor

不要焦慮地坐著,可以在候機樓里逛一逛。圖片來源:GETTY IMAGES



如果想在酒店找安靜的房間,辦理入住時可以要求盡可能高的樓層(有孩子的家庭傾向選擇低層),并且盡可能遠離電梯。這樣一來從你門口往返電梯的人很少,也免受電梯到達樓層時的鈴聲騷擾?!?em>王波非(Phil Wahba),資深記者


Instead of sitting while waiting for your (probably delayed) flight, get up and take a walk around the terminal. Not only will it help you meet your Fitbit goal, but it will keep your energy and spirits up as well as get your blood circulating before inevitably sitting for hours again once you’re on the plane. —Rachel King, editor

For overnight trips I am a huge proponent of safe, prudent, judicious use of Ambien. Not only does it knock me out, it also has an antianxiety element to it. So I can sleep comfortably on turbulent overnight (typically red-eyes to New York) and overseas trips. I also keep a small amount of Ambien next to my bedside table on the first nights of an overseas trip so that when jet lag inevitably wakes me up in the wee hours I can get back to sleep until a reasonable time in the morning. (I also do this when I return home.) Ambien isn’t for everyone, and you need a prescription from a doctor. If it works for you, it’s a miracle drug. —Adam Lashinsky, executive editor

If you're looking for as quiet a room as possible at a hotel, when you check in, ask to be put on as high a floor as possible (families with kids tend to prefer lower floor rooms) and as far from the elevator as possible. This reduces the traffic walking past your door on the way to the elevator, not to mention reduces how much you hear the bell when the elevator arrives on your floor. —Phil Wahba, senior writer

If you know you're going to need to do some laundry—think underwear and socks—try packing and using 3-gallon Ziploc bags instead of the sink. Makes less of a mess, and you can soak stuff without taking over the bathroom.—Ellen McGirt, senior editor

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Never check bags. Really, never check bags. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT CHECKING THAT BAG. —Robert Hackett, senior writer